Sunday, March 29, 2009

PIMP my iPhone

Finally my iPhone covers are here, should have bought this centuries ago when first got the iPhone last year to aviod scratches. But now it seems to be the reverse way, many visible scratches at the back that not made by me but other people who drag my phone on the table.....WTF!!

As u know the iPhone back cover is somethin like brushed metal material, when i put on table i always got the habit of placing it on top of cigaratte box or wallet! But sometimes after people finish seeing the phone, they put the phone direct on the table which is fine....But after putting down gently they will somehow drag/push the phone a lil forward and there are sand on the table..... Whenever i hear the "sand" sound, in my heart i was like "Phaarkkk man~~~" Most of the time this happen in office!

Since the visible scratches is getting more therefore i got the covers and try to cover all the "scars"! Of course before dressin them on i would like to illustrate some fuckie graphics on the cover. That's y i bought 2 with a black and a white by the price of rm30 for each consider a fair price with its finishing, at least it's sleek enough. I've seen some different covers with suckie design n graphics are selling much more expensive + it will make the iPhone so much thicker with the casing and yet there are lots of demand..... What are they thinkin? Making the iPhone into HTC?

Miimo is promised to pimp the white one for me with her "kepong" style illustration and i'll be pimpin the black one. You better keep your promise or i will slash u into pieces.... (can you smell the yellow warning sign? Lol....)

Friday, March 27, 2009

A day without pressin Ctrl + Z

Yesterday went to direct a commercial shoot with alvin in ThinkTank, a cool place to be there cuz i really like how their office is designed and decorated. By the time we reached, they already started shootin....Yea We were late!! After showin us what they have shot, let join us in and make some funss....Sorry to be late, We Tried Our Best as we always do....

When look at the lightin set-up and stuffs.... uhm looks good!! Everythin was done to shoot that few paper fuckie characters....YOU ARE THE MAN~~ Sitting behind the camera i was quite curious about what camera lens he used for the shoot rather than what he shoot....Haha!! I know nothin about vid cam lens seriously...

The whole day me n alvin were just stairing at this monitor to direct and give comment about what we want to make our life easier in post production..... Make sure we don't fuck ourself up in the end is good enough! Lookin at the monitor was quite boring, Alvin started to yawn and i started the snap.....

I love the chair i was sitting, Barcelona chair!! But i heard its so Darnnn expensive.....not that comfortable though! But is the design that kicks ass....

Time passed fast, around 4 somethin we gotta make a move back to office cuz gotta meet my big time favourite client.... you know who as usual. Phark man~~~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

881 | 903

ecently i'm quite addicted listenin to this hk radio station, 叱吒903 especially during the long workin office hour. My iTunes has been in a dead mode for the past few days.... I like this radio station because very infomatives and the daily joke about english lesson(Pajita Tam 與 Madelena Lam) can really make me laugh like nobody business. Yea, Bruce must be wonderin why am i so happy while facing After effects or C4D.....

The way that Djs talk is casual yet presentable really make you feel you are attached to them... The most atractive part to me is there are plenty of Stars on air for interview or promoting and all. Of cuz not forgetting the 派台歌 (latest release).....

Yesterday i was amazed with one of the commercial which mentioned about HK government poured a lot in sports investment and yet only got one Olympics medal while compare to another country(i forgot the name) which is so much poorer than hk but they able to get 3 medals for it. Thing that amazed me was the freedom of speech about government compare to here. Yea, for the past fuckin years although we have been saying here is a place that practise freedom of speech but once anyone say somethin negative about the government openly, we all know what's gonna happen next!
Freedom of speech ?
"Duck my Sick...!!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

楊千嬅 All About Love Concert

The last time i been to Genting was like about 15 years ago....WTF!! Yes its 15 years, last time we had an apartment there and will be spendin time there quite often during weekendss with family. But after the "haunted palace" had been sold we seldom visit Genting anymore and the words "Genting Highland" didn't really leave me an good impression after all.

Last night i made a trip there after 15 years(still WTF) with miimo for a reason, Miriam Yeung All About Love World Tour 2009. Consider a "must go" event for me since i missed the 2006 concert for some reasons.

Didn't bring along my camera, the only camera i have was my iLomo(iPhone Quadcam) to snap around. As usual miimo killed my phone battery which already left 20% standy time.....Yea she won't be feelin embarrass to do that although it's not her phone, not the first time though.

We managed to get up there on time that we planned earlier, walked around and took some snacks before the concert. The weather thrown all my job pressure away seriously, what rebrandin shit n all didn't appear in my mind at all....Brilliant!! Seeing the sunset gonna wrap up soon gettin me more excited as the show was about to put on.

The concert was simply an Awesome one to me, 2 and a half hours performance + Encore twice(Whoa...) worth all my money back seriously. Listenin live to all the award winnin classic tracks was like somethin woohooo~~(undescribable feeling) Can't stop lovin' her and she rocked through out the show....... The only thing distracted me was the "Arena preset sound system" which i know nothing can be done by the concert crew. Bass is alright but somehow lack of mid to me. Overall i enjoyed the show very much.

After the concert, we had a coffee. No, i should say we jogged around first before the coffee due to some wrong direction shit.... I almost being freezed by the weather with strong wind and heavy fog, the hot beverage was like nothin usable to me.... It's way too cold at that time. No matter how it was a great weekend to me and thanks to miimo for accompaniment.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tonite office was filled with stress and anger caused by some unreasonable motherfuckers that put everyone into silent mode through out the fuckin day. Tryin to be smart? Tryin to be creative? Your so call creativity acutally is just some cocky shit to us..... If you guys can produce awesome idea with combination of brilliant execution easily, where do we stand then.... WAKE UP YOU PEOPLE!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Have been busyin for the past 2 weeks and couldn't able to catch up with buddies for a drink, just exhausted and head straight home after work without a thought of goin anywhere. After knowin the schedule for the upcoming projects....arrhh fuck it just come out n chill.....We bucked!

My buddies miimo n mafex know how the way i work better than anyone else, somehow a breathe is needed or else it would probably mad me up in the end especially during the so call "low period" as they mentioned! Wonder how many time i "low" in a year, sounds like a loser to me!

Usual place Starbucks, we drink, we talk of anythin and laugh on anythin and anyone as well! See who is the lucky one that goes to our headline....(As usual) At least i released what i plan to tonite, feel much better but fuckin jobs are still waiting in a row till mid of April! After all these jobs i definately apply leave to clear out my last yeat annual leaves, the last time i applied leave was at August last year.....Shit!! I don't give a damn by that time how busy my company will be...I just wan to OFF from work!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Saw this little monster last nite crawling faithfully outside the house. Since waitin dinner for re-heatin, make full use of the 10 minutes in between. My model tonight.... Mr SLOW.MO!!!

Enjoyed snappin this fellor cuz i could take my own sweet time to pull focus even manual focus, the slowest living creatures i've captured so far....LOL

I was amazed by those textures on the body..... you rock Mr SLOW.MO! Never thought of that, all the while i thought it is just somethin wet n sticky shit on their body with a big dumb cone at the back.... Awesome!

It seems i couldn't get to see where your eyes are, no matter how just Look at me Dude..... At this moment i heard "ding.....", my food is finally ready! So Mr SLOW.MO you may fuck off now....hahaha! Take your time and be my guest....ciao~

Monday, March 9, 2009

A promise

Few years back when i first took design course in Toa, i promised my dad to design CI(corporate identity) for his company Team Two but through out the whole Toa life he couldn't able to see anythin from me.

During the first half of Toa life, i was totally a crappy bustard who can't even produce any presentable work. I think that time people around me would have see me in this way but they weren't wrong..... this i gotta admit! Gallivanting and fooling around would be my point of goin college that time.

I was just recalled the CI few days ago which is a lil too late, my dad company is no longer running due to some partnership issues. Feel so guilty about it, a promise that can't be fulfilled..... I'm a big time fuckie rascal.

Since today is Sunday and happened that i woke up early, somethin abnormal in my Sunday routine. So i took this afternoon to make this out, a rough styleframe for the CI. Although it's pointless to do now but just wanna make somethin out of it.... no harm doin it! I think he would be happy to see this 5 years ago.....

Since Team Two is an architecture and construction based company, i would like to use some simple geometry object to form up a logo which is similar to the theory of architecture. Complexity built by geometry. Since this logo design is no longer needed so i would make it into a motion graphic piece..... i like things to be animated instead of stills!

Time wil be allocated for completing the whole piece, lookin forward to see the final result as self satisfaction.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Addicted to i.....again

Recently addicted to my iPhone like how i did during the first month when i got the gadget last year....Yes, i upgraded again to firmware 2.2.1 which is sick and tempting with its applications on app store!!

Last time the passion for it was like around one month then things started to be coolen down because firmware 1.1.4 wasn't too interesting and good stuff need to be purchased from iTunes. But now.... there is some other way to get those paid applications and games thru iTunes store...... !!

Today i installed this application named Quadcam which is fun to play with, it's like a lomo generator to the phone camera. Formats and colors can be set before snappin and the outcome is somewhere beyong my expection. The auto generated vignette is the thing that wows me..... Lovin it'

There are not many games installed at the moment, i believe in these few coming days, my application page will be goin up to pages. Currently is mad about this game called Critter Crunch, although it's a very simple structure game but dunno why just can't stop playin it.....

One last thing i'm happy about is i finally got my Twitter installed back after restoring, not Twinkle but another twitter client Twitteriffic! Similar functions but nicer interface....good enough!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Pwned

Having an iPhone for about 9 months but never had any chance to update or modify the firmware as it is still running on 1.1.4 which is extremely bored. Since Apple officially launched firmware 2.0 last year which is available on the iPhone 3G, so chances of getting interesting application on 1.1.4 is lesser and lesser.....thats sux!

o during last weekend i decided stuckin my ass on the chair and get all the informations and materials ready for the upgrade. Had done a lot of readin and research which almost killed because i hate facing tons of texts.... Actually the software and update tool(winPwn) already been downloaded long time ago, it's just that i was lazy to go thru one whole grandmother story to fully understand bad!

Before the restore started i was quite worry things may happen because i've read plenty of shits thru the web which actually some bad experience from iPhone user doin this around the world. After 3 dings.....Think Think Think.... I ended up "Arrhh fuck it, when shit is fate to happen, it happens...."

Thank god after a 40 minutes long major operation on my iPhone, things seems to be alright..... I Pwned it..... My iPhone lost her virginity! There is always the first time in everythin we do and we'll become more bord for the next time. Since now my iPhone is running on firmware 2.0.2 which is not the latest, i would probably skip 2.1.2 and directly jump to 2.2 during the coming weekend....if i have the time!

p/s: i forgot community source for installin Twitter/Twinkle on my iPhone.....this sux big time. Anyone know about it kindly inform me...thanks a lot!