Monday, June 15, 2009


Finally the storm has landed, what i mean is not the thunder storm of cuz but the Blackberry Storm. Got it right before my birthday, good timing anyway after one year crushing on the iPhone. Was in doubt between Blackberry Storm and HTC Touch HD but at the end of the day went to the berry farm as my final decision. HTC which running on WinMo doesn't get my vote of reliability, just dunno why although i've heard it improved lotss compare to the HTC diamond.

Since have been using iPhone for a year plus, had lots of fun with it on the entertainment and multimedia side. End up i find that what functions the most was my photo album which always being opened by collegues and frens to see my photos rather than opening my music/video or application to see what's new inside. Besides that, iPhone has never allowed program to run in the background which i don't really like. With such a powerful OS y not running multitasking which is very useful for certain group of people.

These 2 points are turning me back to the neutral mode from "wants" to "needs", reason to get iPhone last time because it's unique enough since malaysia hasn't launched any at that time and i wanted it so badly but now...... I was pissed just now while in the maxis center setting up my blackberry data plan because the "uncle" who holdin the new iphone made me waited 40 minutes. Asking some dumb ass questions which easily can be found in the manual or web, do some reading please before getting!!

While making decision for another phone, i make sure that i will get somethin i need rather than something i want and thats where blackberry came into my mind. I was looking at the new Palm Pre which launching soon but the design of the phone just turned me off with no words spoken, not really my type of liking anyway.

While unboxing the blackberry, i was amazed by the packaging design more that the phone itself cuz i am "Man In Black", love designs which are sleek and black in colors. The leather pouch is my favourite item out of what ever contained in the box. Fuck.... i just love it!!!

This Blackberry Storm was named as "iPhone killer"..... Do i think so ? I would say too soon for me to judge since i own this Blackberry not more than 3 days. No matter how, i'm not biased and still loving the iPhone as an entertaining smart phone of mine. There are always Pros and Cons in all electronic devices, no such thing as All in one anyway. A simple comparison might be made after using this Blackberry for a longer period.... Let's see!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

2 0 0 9

It has been a month plus since last update, not many thing can really turns me on but anythin about car mod would definitely do. I spent the weekends for the past one month mostly in workshop with my new ride modding here and there. Compare to the previous ride, this time is no longer anything about performance. I have been bored with that kind of life, worrying about JPJ road blocks, being stopped by patrol car for a check up while seeing their fuck faces tryin to threaten me and think that i'm a nut. Tired of feedin them to get the probs solved, now i would be happy to see any road blocks, my turn to show them a fuck face of mine. Talk to me in english, saya tak faham malay and tak tahu speak melayu....dulllssss!!

What i want now is a simple comfort silent ride. All about the visual and enjoyment while riding it, it's cool enough to me at the moment.