Wednesday, November 25, 2009


First music award every year in hk and i always like to watch. Refreshing theme every year, one of the most "design"+"creativity" themed chinese music award so far i've seen.

Have you voted? No? Go to HERE and vote who you think deserves something over the music award. Me of coz voting for 杨家将--丁太啦!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dj Kid Stretch

Have you heard of Dj Kid Stretch, i guess most of us don't but he has some ass kicking mixes and here is one of my favourite. A song that enough to funk me up all day, check out the beat!

p/s: Head over to his myspace for more tracks if you are into it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dual View in Single Mind

After went through the most fucked up months so far in my life, i was so well trained in taking stress....congrats!! Situations forced me to see things differently, double sided, lose A to gain B. When i came to a point that everything around loses its value, praying hard that my dad will get over the cancer battle. I fell when the impact hits, i climbed before the impact gone, that's where i gained a precious lesson from.

From this fuckie things, i seen who are those people that willing to give a hand when in trouble. Sometimes those who "claimed close to me" won't even give a shit, no worries i will never blamed but a line is drawn as reminder. Acting like a bitchy dog, come to you when smells food. What a sweet example.....

his 7 hours long operation of my dad changed me in seeing things in life, i no longer stressing up myself in work, friend, anything and everything. Anything will just come and go inclusive of relationship or even a marriage... No worries, life goes on as it has to be.