Wednesday, November 25, 2009


First music award every year in hk and i always like to watch. Refreshing theme every year, one of the most "design"+"creativity" themed chinese music award so far i've seen.

Have you voted? No? Go to HERE and vote who you think deserves something over the music award. Me of coz voting for 杨家将--丁太啦!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dj Kid Stretch

Have you heard of Dj Kid Stretch, i guess most of us don't but he has some ass kicking mixes and here is one of my favourite. A song that enough to funk me up all day, check out the beat!

p/s: Head over to his myspace for more tracks if you are into it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dual View in Single Mind

After went through the most fucked up months so far in my life, i was so well trained in taking stress....congrats!! Situations forced me to see things differently, double sided, lose A to gain B. When i came to a point that everything around loses its value, praying hard that my dad will get over the cancer battle. I fell when the impact hits, i climbed before the impact gone, that's where i gained a precious lesson from.

From this fuckie things, i seen who are those people that willing to give a hand when in trouble. Sometimes those who "claimed close to me" won't even give a shit, no worries i will never blamed but a line is drawn as reminder. Acting like a bitchy dog, come to you when smells food. What a sweet example.....

his 7 hours long operation of my dad changed me in seeing things in life, i no longer stressing up myself in work, friend, anything and everything. Anything will just come and go inclusive of relationship or even a marriage... No worries, life goes on as it has to be.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

鄭秀文 & 廿四味《罪與罰》

Update with a mv sharing first at the moment, more updates coming soon...!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Well transformed | Well appreciated

Watched the Transformers 2 last week, pretty awesome movie to me. My first sentence to my buddies right after the movie was "lots of ass kickin hardworks have been done in it, respect". Workin in the same line vfx and post production built me a solid reason to say that. But somehow i've heard plenty of negative feedbacks about the movie which is pretty sad. Bad storyline, overlong effects and so on.......

Hey people, what would you expect from the 11 bucks you have paid... From the moment you dig out the 11bucks before paying, you should already know that you are getting ur ass inside to watch a 70% vfx film. Expecting a perfect storyline i dun think this is an ideal movie for you, follow the series is a better choice i guess or i would suggest the movie named "eight below", awesome story. Of cuz comments can be made by anyone who watch it but before that, try to understand what have been done behind. This would boost up ur interest and intention to watch Episode 3 wihch is coming in few years time i guess.

Those who said about the overlong effects, can't be blamed anyway unless you are in the post production line or creative field, I feel ashame if you say so because you should have a better understandin what need to be done to create a film piece like this. Below is an good example to show the hardwork, a 40 frames (less than 2 seconds on screen play) needed 3 months to be completed.

This scene is done by Digital Domain, one of the leading vfx companies worldwide. This is the final outcome, lots of shitz need to be done before this.

After shooting the film, a laser scan tracking is required to the movement of Alice in order to map and animate the 3d model in later stage. Build the 3d model according to the secments.

Key out the original background, left the face for 3d mapping purposes.

Map it into the 3d as texture and animate the breaking pieces frame by frame dynamically.

Put in the animated face and ready to composite.

Lighting up the 3d model could be heaven could be hell because gotta follow the scene lighting and blend them well so it looks realistic. With accurate lighting and rendering, composite the robot into the face and do some hell rotoscoping (so call "masking"). Replace with a new background. Color correct and do some finishing touches, the scene would look awesome with a realistic render. A very painful 40 frames.... source : Gizmodo

What ever mentioned above is just one and a half second of the overall movie, imagine the 2 hours plus with extreme fighting scene and camera movement. Jobs are done by few ass kicking studios like ILM, Digital Domain, BFS and many others. They were in hell while producing it but they are in heaven now by lookin at the piece they created. Great job.... gained my respect and works had been are well appreciated by those who understand what vfx & post production is all about.

Friday, July 3, 2009


My first ever ebay item is finally here today.....Miriam's impactful album Play it loud, Kiss me soft. Released in year 2000 and was sold out all around asia until the 2nd batch released in a format of box set. Was looking for it since long long time ago and someone promised to get for me but end up nothin turns usual!! You know who you are... The first batch is an rare item, most of them in ebay are 2nd batch and the price is ridiculous since this album was sold well last time. Lucky enough i found one guy selling lots of old goodies and bought from him at an ultimate reasonable price....10usd only!! Paid last friday and got it today, efficient seller.... will give you a thumb up when i'm free to log into ebay later.

Overall design of the album is rather simple with polaroid photos in the lyrics booklet. 2cds with different themes, one with "Play it loud" and the other "Kiss me soft". Altough i have most of her song but this album is just worth my pay for it without doubt, listed as a collection item to me anyway....Satisfied!! Now hunting for her 2004 HK concert which is not easy to find too.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Finally the storm has landed, what i mean is not the thunder storm of cuz but the Blackberry Storm. Got it right before my birthday, good timing anyway after one year crushing on the iPhone. Was in doubt between Blackberry Storm and HTC Touch HD but at the end of the day went to the berry farm as my final decision. HTC which running on WinMo doesn't get my vote of reliability, just dunno why although i've heard it improved lotss compare to the HTC diamond.

Since have been using iPhone for a year plus, had lots of fun with it on the entertainment and multimedia side. End up i find that what functions the most was my photo album which always being opened by collegues and frens to see my photos rather than opening my music/video or application to see what's new inside. Besides that, iPhone has never allowed program to run in the background which i don't really like. With such a powerful OS y not running multitasking which is very useful for certain group of people.

These 2 points are turning me back to the neutral mode from "wants" to "needs", reason to get iPhone last time because it's unique enough since malaysia hasn't launched any at that time and i wanted it so badly but now...... I was pissed just now while in the maxis center setting up my blackberry data plan because the "uncle" who holdin the new iphone made me waited 40 minutes. Asking some dumb ass questions which easily can be found in the manual or web, do some reading please before getting!!

While making decision for another phone, i make sure that i will get somethin i need rather than something i want and thats where blackberry came into my mind. I was looking at the new Palm Pre which launching soon but the design of the phone just turned me off with no words spoken, not really my type of liking anyway.

While unboxing the blackberry, i was amazed by the packaging design more that the phone itself cuz i am "Man In Black", love designs which are sleek and black in colors. The leather pouch is my favourite item out of what ever contained in the box. Fuck.... i just love it!!!

This Blackberry Storm was named as "iPhone killer"..... Do i think so ? I would say too soon for me to judge since i own this Blackberry not more than 3 days. No matter how, i'm not biased and still loving the iPhone as an entertaining smart phone of mine. There are always Pros and Cons in all electronic devices, no such thing as All in one anyway. A simple comparison might be made after using this Blackberry for a longer period.... Let's see!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

2 0 0 9

It has been a month plus since last update, not many thing can really turns me on but anythin about car mod would definitely do. I spent the weekends for the past one month mostly in workshop with my new ride modding here and there. Compare to the previous ride, this time is no longer anything about performance. I have been bored with that kind of life, worrying about JPJ road blocks, being stopped by patrol car for a check up while seeing their fuck faces tryin to threaten me and think that i'm a nut. Tired of feedin them to get the probs solved, now i would be happy to see any road blocks, my turn to show them a fuck face of mine. Talk to me in english, saya tak faham malay and tak tahu speak melayu....dulllssss!!

What i want now is a simple comfort silent ride. All about the visual and enjoyment while riding it, it's cool enough to me at the moment.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gotta to be Lazy

Enjoyed doin nothin but being lazy for my past few days when i know there are somethin to be accomplished after this. During the past few nights i was spendin time with my buddies till late night and this reminds me the times we used to have such lifestyle everyweek before my "hardworkin" toa life started.....

Cars.....Gadgets......Some fuckin childish jokes are more than enough to spend 4-5 hours in a session and it was like a never endin story from last time till now. Everyone who saw me was like "Whoa....what brings Bryan here to join us tonite, unexpected VIP of the year"..... Nah nothin special but just wanna chill out here with you guys since i've been busyin all the time with projects. Feelin good as we talked and laughed all the way as we always do.

Very thankful to those who need to work on the next day but yet still hangin out here with me until late night/early morning. Never felt that i've lost this group of buddies although not joining them for quite some time. Appreciate it......

Today afternoon i was lookin at this fuckie fellor dog, he is quite an agressive shit but under an hot sunny afternoon.....he looked dead and lazy!! Made me wanna snap his fuck face down cuz he looked really dumb and funny with that face....hahaha!! No matter how busy i was before this, now is the time that i gotta to be lazy and freeze up what ever related to jobs until the day i get back to work....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is the one

After years have never been met a right one after her famous tracks but her recent release <This is the one> went right up to my "Most Played List"! I would rate it a "must have" album. Yea she is back with a refreshin melody, out of all my favourite track is "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence".

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4 Days to be Done

Yea another 4 more days to rip myself off from work.....woohoo!!! A lot of plans needed to be done during the one week off, of course no company work is allowed to be mentioned in that particular week....(cross finger)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dramatic Sepang F1 2009

Last weekend went to shoot this major event of the year with Mafex, Eugene, Puee and Vincent , the Sepang F1 Grand Prix 2009! This was the 2nd time i been to this event, the crowd was obviously greater lots lots lots of time compare to few years back. The traffic control was sux..... The weather was sux ..... The pic i took was quite sux as well but overall it was an good experience, i had a great lesson about panning shot!!

Before reachin the circuit, we stucked in the jam about 2 hours.....WTF!! Almost got mad in the car cuz i was drivin a manual noisy shit.....Finally reached the car park and the fucker keep sayin "sudah penuh...sudah penuh!!" Shut your mouth and fuck off of my way man... already pissed off caught in the jam and yet throwin so much shit to me once i wind down the window!!

Took a 20 minutes walk to the circuit and finally my camera able to see somethin rather than sleepin in the bag! Hey F1 engines.... i hear you!! Without any delay we grab our position in the grand stand n prepare to SHOOT!!!

Here are some shots in the qualifyin and race day....

Excited to hear the engine revs, there you go....!!

The new comer of F1 this season, the White monster with least sponsorship but superb performance.... Brawn GP....YOU ROCK but i don't like the color!! Looks like a primary kid's shoe with fluoracent yellowish green....

Yea.... Finally my big time favourite Team Ferrari is here!! Still prefer the look with Marlboro tag.... you look tame without the classic tag!! The speed of every car drove me crazy to do panning shot cuz it's fuckin fast..... Lots faster compare what i've expected, i was tired of missing hundred of landscape shot!! Fuck it then, just go with portrait shot since couldn't get a perfect one in the previous shots....

How i wish to own this AMG Tuned Mercedes Safety Car.... Freakin hot car with a sexy exhaust sound!!

This team got my vote of "Best Color & Design" for both car and racing outfit as well as their crew helmets! Like this pic, as if he knew i was zoomin at him....

I smelled somethin he smelled somethin.... The weather seemed gettin worse with heavy thunder storm.....Shit!! True enough, it rained after just a moment....

I seriously hate to see this fucker, moment ago he was waving the yellow flag....means the Safety Car was out on track, all cars required to slow down and no over taking while safety car is on track!! After a while his flag changed to red, means the race gotta stop for some safety reason.....COME ON!!! It was just at the 32nd lap of the whole race....This really turned me off!!

The "mama" was out on the track to lead all the "children" back to their pit accordingly.....NoooOOOO!!!!

The audience at hill side opposite us got really "wet"..... Poor thing!! After 15 minutes, the organizer announced that it was unsafe to continue the race due to the weather and the track condition!! So.....Party Overed!! Out of the past 12 years Malaysia held the F1, this was the first time race was forced to quit and it made us a dramatic history....Malaysia Boleh!!! Luckily i went with given media pass, or else i sure curse like nobody business..... Those who came from other country must have suffer from a big loss....

The last car that went on track to wrap things up, make sure everythin was clear off from the track and there it ended the 35 minutes Sepang F1 2009!! Since this was the first shootin F1, didn't really get very perfect ideal harder in panning and try again next year!! Now waiting for June Japan GT.... another Woohoo event to me!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today after work reach around 11, quite a frustratin and tiring day to me! After dinner, i watched an old movie online named Sound Of Colors(地下铁). I wanted to watch this long long time ago on cinema but i heard it's was a boring movie, so since it's not a comedy therefore never really border as time goes.

After watchin it, i don't find it's boring but it's ass kickin movie.....Awesome and Meaningful!! Story tells about blinds, before and after gettin blind that affects thought of a person. The curve that lead you into the movie from 0 to 100 back to 40 and finally right back up to 100 is just amazing. The story telling of the movie is simple and direct but it's impactful. Especially when in between scenes, the screen that turns black will visualize you the feelin when you can see nothin in your life. A good hint and message throughout the movie. I felt it, the impact hit right into my mind.

Other than the storyline, the way that D.O.P of this movie framed the scenes is good especially the ending scene. Can see how he wisely use crowded location to play around depth of field.

When finished the movie, i felt im fuckin lucky to write this article because i able to see what i type here and i get to see colors in life. Being motivated to appreciate what i have in life that some people might not have the chance. Yea....this movie really gave me some thoughts..... Reconmended piece, well appreciated!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PIMP my iPhone

Finally my iPhone covers are here, should have bought this centuries ago when first got the iPhone last year to aviod scratches. But now it seems to be the reverse way, many visible scratches at the back that not made by me but other people who drag my phone on the table.....WTF!!

As u know the iPhone back cover is somethin like brushed metal material, when i put on table i always got the habit of placing it on top of cigaratte box or wallet! But sometimes after people finish seeing the phone, they put the phone direct on the table which is fine....But after putting down gently they will somehow drag/push the phone a lil forward and there are sand on the table..... Whenever i hear the "sand" sound, in my heart i was like "Phaarkkk man~~~" Most of the time this happen in office!

Since the visible scratches is getting more therefore i got the covers and try to cover all the "scars"! Of course before dressin them on i would like to illustrate some fuckie graphics on the cover. That's y i bought 2 with a black and a white by the price of rm30 for each consider a fair price with its finishing, at least it's sleek enough. I've seen some different covers with suckie design n graphics are selling much more expensive + it will make the iPhone so much thicker with the casing and yet there are lots of demand..... What are they thinkin? Making the iPhone into HTC?

Miimo is promised to pimp the white one for me with her "kepong" style illustration and i'll be pimpin the black one. You better keep your promise or i will slash u into pieces.... (can you smell the yellow warning sign? Lol....)