Monday, June 8, 2009

2 0 0 9

It has been a month plus since last update, not many thing can really turns me on but anythin about car mod would definitely do. I spent the weekends for the past one month mostly in workshop with my new ride modding here and there. Compare to the previous ride, this time is no longer anything about performance. I have been bored with that kind of life, worrying about JPJ road blocks, being stopped by patrol car for a check up while seeing their fuck faces tryin to threaten me and think that i'm a nut. Tired of feedin them to get the probs solved, now i would be happy to see any road blocks, my turn to show them a fuck face of mine. Talk to me in english, saya tak faham malay and tak tahu speak melayu....dulllssss!!

What i want now is a simple comfort silent ride. All about the visual and enjoyment while riding it, it's cool enough to me at the moment.


  1. finally u are back!! long time!
    I loveeee your car!!!!!
    your ride is black and mine one also black...
    but dam big difference!!! I've no money to stick on it..shit.. ><

  2. Saya paham sikit sikit malay....wahahaha...nice la ur myvi~~~