Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alina CNY Outin

DID an outing shoot with Alina right before Chinese New Year...
She is quite a photogenic model with sharp features for sure,
overall she is such pro and lovely model!!

Here are some humble shots that would like to share.....

Along the way of touching up this series of photos, i find that western skin tone is much more easy compare to asian skin color especially when doin color clash.

Why...?? Less green & yellow value ? Seriously No Idea about it.....

Overall i had much fun during this shoot and able to learn some new technics about light metering as well as flash lightin against the rays.

But one prob that i'm facing currently is my poor pc is RUNNING OUT of storage space~~
There are many set of photos are still left behind due to the short of storage space.... Obviously i need a HD.....(duh~~)


  1. haha~ eh..i can't use to your english post eh! so not like bnjj!

  2. 就知道....忙什么?度假哦?

  3. 最近比較少晃spaces以外的部落格
    所以... 來遲了!!!!