Saturday, February 28, 2009

You proudly deserve a retirement

6 years ago i had my very first Evisu jeans from HK and the excitement was like.....undescribeable!

6 years ago Evisu wasn't greatly "Cloned" by our lovely imitation market and yes.....We made it after that, Malaysia Boleh!

After a year having it, finally i see ppl walking around with colorful hand-drawn M at the was such a joke as the first batch designed only available in white. I pity the founder and designer who put much efford to brand their product but ended up here with a big disgrace by those ass holez who processed the clone.

It won't be suprised the designer paid a visit here and sighted the colorful hand-drawn shit and g0t inspired....who knows?! Sooner and later they came out with different colors and designs.....Cloners, you rock!(i assume)

By that time the price of Evisu was still below 1 grand, it might sound crazy to get this jeans with the price of 800 but 6 years down the road....i assured this is a wise buy and thank you! Although it's tear right now at certain parts but i'm still wearin it.....

I think it's time to invest another pair on my own which probably i will go for RMC(red monkey company) instead of Evisu because evisu's price is sky high now. At least RMC, which priced reasonably with stylo designs at the pockets of cuz!!

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