Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today after work reach around 11, quite a frustratin and tiring day to me! After dinner, i watched an old movie online named Sound Of Colors(地下铁). I wanted to watch this long long time ago on cinema but i heard it's was a boring movie, so since it's not a comedy therefore never really border as time goes.

After watchin it, i don't find it's boring but it's ass kickin movie.....Awesome and Meaningful!! Story tells about blinds, before and after gettin blind that affects thought of a person. The curve that lead you into the movie from 0 to 100 back to 40 and finally right back up to 100 is just amazing. The story telling of the movie is simple and direct but it's impactful. Especially when in between scenes, the screen that turns black will visualize you the feelin when you can see nothin in your life. A good hint and message throughout the movie. I felt it, the impact hit right into my mind.

Other than the storyline, the way that D.O.P of this movie framed the scenes is good especially the ending scene. Can see how he wisely use crowded location to play around depth of field.

When finished the movie, i felt im fuckin lucky to write this article because i able to see what i type here and i get to see colors in life. Being motivated to appreciate what i have in life that some people might not have the chance. Yea....this movie really gave me some thoughts..... Reconmended piece, well appreciated!!

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  1. i think i gonna watch it after finish the undnercover series...
    shit..recently..crazy falling into Daniel Wu!! I wana be Fong Lai Kuen~~ ><