Sunday, March 29, 2009

PIMP my iPhone

Finally my iPhone covers are here, should have bought this centuries ago when first got the iPhone last year to aviod scratches. But now it seems to be the reverse way, many visible scratches at the back that not made by me but other people who drag my phone on the table.....WTF!!

As u know the iPhone back cover is somethin like brushed metal material, when i put on table i always got the habit of placing it on top of cigaratte box or wallet! But sometimes after people finish seeing the phone, they put the phone direct on the table which is fine....But after putting down gently they will somehow drag/push the phone a lil forward and there are sand on the table..... Whenever i hear the "sand" sound, in my heart i was like "Phaarkkk man~~~" Most of the time this happen in office!

Since the visible scratches is getting more therefore i got the covers and try to cover all the "scars"! Of course before dressin them on i would like to illustrate some fuckie graphics on the cover. That's y i bought 2 with a black and a white by the price of rm30 for each consider a fair price with its finishing, at least it's sleek enough. I've seen some different covers with suckie design n graphics are selling much more expensive + it will make the iPhone so much thicker with the casing and yet there are lots of demand..... What are they thinkin? Making the iPhone into HTC?

Miimo is promised to pimp the white one for me with her "kepong" style illustration and i'll be pimpin the black one. You better keep your promise or i will slash u into pieces.... (can you smell the yellow warning sign? Lol....)


  1. hoohoo..luckily was not me..draggingg the phone...!! hahaha

    okok! u asked me to dare i said no!! but make sure u use it after i draw on it! it'll be a masterpiece..that probably will cost millions in the future!! LOL~