Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Pwned

Having an iPhone for about 9 months but never had any chance to update or modify the firmware as it is still running on 1.1.4 which is extremely bored. Since Apple officially launched firmware 2.0 last year which is available on the iPhone 3G, so chances of getting interesting application on 1.1.4 is lesser and lesser.....thats sux!

o during last weekend i decided stuckin my ass on the chair and get all the informations and materials ready for the upgrade. Had done a lot of readin and research which almost killed because i hate facing tons of texts.... Actually the software and update tool(winPwn) already been downloaded long time ago, it's just that i was lazy to go thru one whole grandmother story to fully understand it.....my bad!

Before the restore started i was quite worry things may happen because i've read plenty of shits thru the web which actually some bad experience from iPhone user doin this around the world. After 3 dings.....Think Think Think.... I ended up "Arrhh fuck it, when shit is fate to happen, it happens...."

Thank god after a 40 minutes long major operation on my iPhone, things seems to be alright..... I Pwned it..... My iPhone lost her virginity! There is always the first time in everythin we do and we'll become more bord for the next time. Since now my iPhone is running on firmware 2.0.2 which is not the latest, i would probably skip 2.1.2 and directly jump to 2.2 during the coming weekend....if i have the time!

p/s: i forgot community source for installin Twitter/Twinkle on my iPhone.....this sux big time. Anyone know about it kindly inform me...thanks a lot!


  1. that twitter.. i cant really figure out what is that... haha...

    anyway, why english in blogspot?

  2. he wants to be "international"... ahhahaha~

  3. Not international u dumb dumb....
    Because typin english roughly take me 15 minutes to finish rahter than 1 hour ++ like how i used to be in wretch.....

    But sometimes chinese post is needed for some special case here .... haha!