Wednesday, March 25, 2009

881 | 903

ecently i'm quite addicted listenin to this hk radio station, 叱吒903 especially during the long workin office hour. My iTunes has been in a dead mode for the past few days.... I like this radio station because very infomatives and the daily joke about english lesson(Pajita Tam 與 Madelena Lam) can really make me laugh like nobody business. Yea, Bruce must be wonderin why am i so happy while facing After effects or C4D.....

The way that Djs talk is casual yet presentable really make you feel you are attached to them... The most atractive part to me is there are plenty of Stars on air for interview or promoting and all. Of cuz not forgetting the 派台歌 (latest release).....

Yesterday i was amazed with one of the commercial which mentioned about HK government poured a lot in sports investment and yet only got one Olympics medal while compare to another country(i forgot the name) which is so much poorer than hk but they able to get 3 medals for it. Thing that amazed me was the freedom of speech about government compare to here. Yea, for the past fuckin years although we have been saying here is a place that practise freedom of speech but once anyone say somethin negative about the government openly, we all know what's gonna happen next!
Freedom of speech ?
"Duck my Sick...!!"


  1. 電台已經離我好遠好遠了....

  2. 本来我也是,但一旦听了就不可收拾啦!