Saturday, March 14, 2009


Have been busyin for the past 2 weeks and couldn't able to catch up with buddies for a drink, just exhausted and head straight home after work without a thought of goin anywhere. After knowin the schedule for the upcoming projects....arrhh fuck it just come out n chill.....We bucked!

My buddies miimo n mafex know how the way i work better than anyone else, somehow a breathe is needed or else it would probably mad me up in the end especially during the so call "low period" as they mentioned! Wonder how many time i "low" in a year, sounds like a loser to me!

Usual place Starbucks, we drink, we talk of anythin and laugh on anythin and anyone as well! See who is the lucky one that goes to our headline....(As usual) At least i released what i plan to tonite, feel much better but fuckin jobs are still waiting in a row till mid of April! After all these jobs i definately apply leave to clear out my last yeat annual leaves, the last time i applied leave was at August last year.....Shit!! I don't give a damn by that time how busy my company will be...I just wan to OFF from work!


  1. 同学

  2. 也不过是普通而已....除了在工作上用得着,平时也没怎么说啦!

  3. 同學

  4. fuyohhhh... u did something so cute??! the picture above!! :D
    i love that!!

  5. Just play play somethin different....Take it as a warm up for coming mxs job la!