Thursday, March 12, 2009


Saw this little monster last nite crawling faithfully outside the house. Since waitin dinner for re-heatin, make full use of the 10 minutes in between. My model tonight.... Mr SLOW.MO!!!

Enjoyed snappin this fellor cuz i could take my own sweet time to pull focus even manual focus, the slowest living creatures i've captured so far....LOL

I was amazed by those textures on the body..... you rock Mr SLOW.MO! Never thought of that, all the while i thought it is just somethin wet n sticky shit on their body with a big dumb cone at the back.... Awesome!

It seems i couldn't get to see where your eyes are, no matter how just Look at me Dude..... At this moment i heard "ding.....", my food is finally ready! So Mr SLOW.MO you may fuck off now....hahaha! Take your time and be my guest....ciao~


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  2. "Slow.Mo" sound like "老母".
    Good name haha!

  3. What disgusting, come on! You as a designer as well should learn to accept the beauty of nature stuff....haha!