Thursday, March 5, 2009

Addicted to i.....again

Recently addicted to my iPhone like how i did during the first month when i got the gadget last year....Yes, i upgraded again to firmware 2.2.1 which is sick and tempting with its applications on app store!!

Last time the passion for it was like around one month then things started to be coolen down because firmware 1.1.4 wasn't too interesting and good stuff need to be purchased from iTunes. But now.... there is some other way to get those paid applications and games thru iTunes store...... !!

Today i installed this application named Quadcam which is fun to play with, it's like a lomo generator to the phone camera. Formats and colors can be set before snappin and the outcome is somewhere beyong my expection. The auto generated vignette is the thing that wows me..... Lovin it'

There are not many games installed at the moment, i believe in these few coming days, my application page will be goin up to pages. Currently is mad about this game called Critter Crunch, although it's a very simple structure game but dunno why just can't stop playin it.....

One last thing i'm happy about is i finally got my Twitter installed back after restoring, not Twinkle but another twitter client Twitteriffic! Similar functions but nicer interface....good enough!!


  1. hehe.... nice right?
    i also like it....

  2. hey! the effects are really dim dim dim woh!! I love it! ><
    where's my supersampler??? My neck becomes longer and longer.. -_-

    Still wanna sell your iphone??!