Monday, March 23, 2009

楊千嬅 All About Love Concert

The last time i been to Genting was like about 15 years ago....WTF!! Yes its 15 years, last time we had an apartment there and will be spendin time there quite often during weekendss with family. But after the "haunted palace" had been sold we seldom visit Genting anymore and the words "Genting Highland" didn't really leave me an good impression after all.

Last night i made a trip there after 15 years(still WTF) with miimo for a reason, Miriam Yeung All About Love World Tour 2009. Consider a "must go" event for me since i missed the 2006 concert for some reasons.

Didn't bring along my camera, the only camera i have was my iLomo(iPhone Quadcam) to snap around. As usual miimo killed my phone battery which already left 20% standy time.....Yea she won't be feelin embarrass to do that although it's not her phone, not the first time though.

We managed to get up there on time that we planned earlier, walked around and took some snacks before the concert. The weather thrown all my job pressure away seriously, what rebrandin shit n all didn't appear in my mind at all....Brilliant!! Seeing the sunset gonna wrap up soon gettin me more excited as the show was about to put on.

The concert was simply an Awesome one to me, 2 and a half hours performance + Encore twice(Whoa...) worth all my money back seriously. Listenin live to all the award winnin classic tracks was like somethin woohooo~~(undescribable feeling) Can't stop lovin' her and she rocked through out the show....... The only thing distracted me was the "Arena preset sound system" which i know nothing can be done by the concert crew. Bass is alright but somehow lack of mid to me. Overall i enjoyed the show very much.

After the concert, we had a coffee. No, i should say we jogged around first before the coffee due to some wrong direction shit.... I almost being freezed by the weather with strong wind and heavy fog, the hot beverage was like nothin usable to me.... It's way too cold at that time. No matter how it was a great weekend to me and thanks to miimo for accompaniment.


  1. haha as usual lou po this time lou battery.

  2. 為甚麼不帶相機.... 好不上道哦

  3. 因为怕麻烦啦,要是不给拍就白抗8kg走来走去了!